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Unlocking Nature´s treasure chest

MH medical hemp is your reliable and competent partner for Cannabidiol and Cannabinoids for the use in food,
cosmetics and pharmaceutical grade applications.


Cannabinoids have the unique capacity to aid in chronic illnesses with little to no side effects. Their scientifically proven medical benefits are a new tool in a physician’s medicinal arsenal, for the most persistant of medical conditions, from crohn’s disease, to epilepsy, among others.
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Raw Materials

Here you find our raw material range, including our CBD rich extracts, Premix oils and Cannabinoid Isolates aimed at making the plant Cannabis sativa and its valuable components usable for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

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Skincare & Flavour

Our newest range of CBD rich cosmetics and bulk supplements are ready to ship anywhere in Europe, under our brand or white label. May you need hard shell CBD capsules with vitamins and minerals or intensive care creams, we have all your CBD needs covered.
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Our products are subject to constant quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process, which allows us to offer our customers the best possible quality available on the market. Our vast experience with cannabinoids allows us to focus on broad and highly effective tests which guarantees that the final product we put on the market is characterised by the highest quality and purity.

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Publications & Press Releases

We strive to make sure that information on the cannabis plant and its benefits, along with its limitations, are widely available to medical personel, policy makers and the general public, alike. For this reason, we participate in the writing and publishing of many types of documents, from open letters and scientific publications, to articles, press releases and educational material. We strive for a world with more information on cannabis and its effects, for a more effective and educated public debate on its uses and related regulations.

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