The brand  „Phytalize“ stands for high-quality natural products obtained from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa L.. In our Phytalize series, emphasis is placed on using only the best hemp raw materials from controlled organic cultivation. Thus, a series has been developed that encompasses all the healthy properties that the hemp plant has to offer.

The increasing hectic pace and pressure of modern work habits lead to stress, a ubiquitous fact that penetrates all areas of our lives. The World Health Organization has declared stress to be one of the greatest health hazards of the 21st century. Already every fifth German suffers from it – a widespread disease.

At Phytalize, we would like to counteract this by giving you natural support with our innovative health products. In addition to our high quality CBD aroma oils, we also offer an exclusive selection of skin care products. Our product range is constantly being expanded and further developed, because the variety of possible applications of the raw material hemp hardly knows a limit.


For our products we use only natural ingredients of the highest quality and the original plant power – because „nature knows best“.


Phytalize stands for innovative natural products. Our product portfolio is constantly being developed further, because the variety of possible applications for hemp as a raw material knows hardly any limits.

Expert knowledge

We can look back on up to 20 years of experience in the hemp industry and we have a highly qualified team of dedicated employees in the respective core competencies.


The raw materials for our products all come from certified cultivation in Germany. First-class raw material quality, a high environmental compatibility, as well as the use of raw materials from natural and tested cultivation distinguish our products.


For extracts from leaves and seeds, extraction methods using traditional „cold pressing“ (pressure and temperature) and also CO2, i.e. carbon dioxide (also using pressure and temperature) have the highest acceptance on the market. This is a particularly safe, traditional and food-compliant process.


We have our products tested for purity, safety and quality in an independent German laboratory certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Quality assurance takes place in strict accordance with European specifications.